Começo de Vida

ON THE MARK Começo de Vida

Começo de Vida (New Beginnings) brings art and creativity to the baby’s nursery. The company was founded in Concordia, Santa Catarina in 1996, and has always sought innovation and quality for each piece of their collection.


Our brand has strengthened and expanded into the international market and is a leader in the specialized world of nurseries for reasons that make us proud:

– Extensive line of strong products

– High quality 100% cotton textiles that are soft on baby’s skin

– Carefully designed products, considering the harmony of colors and form with attention to detail


With the quality and good taste that always accompany our collections, we launched the Personalize line – designed with delicate monograms for newborns, each piece of the nursery is personalized with a touch of sophistication.


Começo de Vida is a company recognized for our social responsibility. We are winning national awards such as the MPE Brazil and Business Woman. We are affiliated with the National Quality Foundation and are developing incentive campaigns for breastfeeding in conjunction with our product lines. We also are devoting attention and care to our employees through the Beautiful project, encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle with an emphasis on physical activity and nutritional counseling. Our employees also participate in activities and workshops that stimulate self-esteem and promote well-being at work, at home and in society.


Always on the lookout for trends that contribute to your baby’s development and happy environment, we are creating new brands to fit your family’s specific needs. Começo de Vida took on the role of older sister welcoming the new additions of Pitibebê and Claudia Marcon.

Começo de Vida